A little walk and surprise Seals

I’ve not been getting out much since the pandemic hit last year. Consequently I’ve piled on pounds stones and become quite unhealthy. This weekend I gave myself a stern talking to and have decided to make a serious effort to adopt the lifestyle I used to have which basically involved getting out places, walking a lot and eating a diet that didn’t involve takeaways, processed freezer food and wine! I’m not judging others who indulge in those things by the way, I just know I don’t do well on them!

So we were looking for short local walks to build me up and as I’m married to someone who likes to explore places that I would never think of going, we ended up in a small area of woodland nestled somewhere between the Tees flyover and the Newport bridge. It’s the noisiest bit of woodland I’ve ever walked in. There was no escaping the fact that the A19 was practically on top of us, no matter how green and pleasant the surroundings were.

As we came through the trees on one side of the wood we came along side Billingham beck, a tributary of the Tees.

And look what we found. Seals! They were just lazing about on the mud flats while the tide was out. Unfortunately I only had the camera on my phone with me so I couldn’t zoom in very well but to the naked eye they were actually really close. They lifted themselves up a bit to have a nosey at us so we decided to move on and leave them dozing in peace.

All around the wood were bits of abandoned things like paving slabs, the odd supermarket trolley, lots of rubbish and broken glass. It’s typical of such an area really. Councils pretty up an old industrial site but the immediate surroundings just don’t attract the sort of people who appreciate it as a nature spot, so it just becomes unkempt and littered.

I didn’t feel particularly driven to take any photographs but the bee on the teazel caught my eye and then I was woken up to the fact that we are now in August, when I spotted the ripening brambles!

Autumn is just around the corner, another year flying by!