. . . and back again

So we went back to the coast to pick up the path we had to abandon yesterday. We parked at Nose’s Point and headed back towards Hawthorn, passing Blast beach along the way. It turns out we had been really close! When we reached the steps in the wood where we’d turned round yesterday, we turned back towards Nose’s Point. The plan was to drop down onto Blast beach on the way back but as we came up out of the woods, there were thunder claps in the distance and the rain began to fall. We headed straight across the top to the car park and arrived looking like someone had just chucked buckets of water over us! I always say there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing and today was a bad clothing day. Not a waterproof between us and I was wearing the thinnest cotton trousers and top so nothing was left to the imagination by the time we reached the car park. Thankfully most of the other cars had either gone or were too steamed up to see anything. I hope!

Hawthorn Hive from the north

We headed home to get dry and ordered Pizza.

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