Exam results, some French knots and a potter in the garden

My youngest received her GCSE results yesterday. She did incredibly well considering what a horrible year she’s had, what with the pandemic, crippling anxiety and an Autism diagnosis at the beginning of the year. I am immensely proud of her. Today she enrolled at Art college to study Graphic Design and I suddenly realised I have no ‘school’ aged children anymore! It’s a strange ending to the school era. No parties, prom or presentations. Just an ending and a new beginning. Last year my second born graduated from university without all the pomp and circumstance and while I welcome the savings from having to buy posh outfits and prom dresses I can’t help feeling a little sad that Covid has denied them key experiences.

I am feeling pretty tired this week so today Mr Stitches at Six went off by himself and I’ve had a day to do pretty much as I please. I’ve been too worn out to really take advantage, but I printed off some Just a Card flyers to pop in my parcels and stitched some French knots for some cards. I’ve also been doing some little sketches in readiness for some new card designs so there has been some creative achievement at least.

Late this afternoon I had a look over my little garden. I trimmed the Lavender a few days ago because Monty Don said it was the right time to do it but it’s made things look a bit bare. Thankfully I have these striking beauties to look at now. I suppose they are Alliums but I didn’t really set out to grow them! They are the result of my eldest forgetting about the onions in her store cupboard and me not being able to resist planting anything that sprouts to see what happens. Well, this is what happens when you plant sprouting red onions out in your garden!

This lonely Gladioli is the only pop of colour now that the purple of the Lavender has gone. I’ve had to stake it up because it was leaning right across the yard. The Buddleia behind is going to flower soon but I have no idea if it’s purple or white because I found it as a seedling in the front garden last year. I like the fact that it will be a surprise but I am secretly hoping it will be purple so it doesn’t get lost against the white wall.

There is a real sense that Autumn is only just around the corner. The air feels crisper when I step outside at six o’clock in the morning now and I wonder how much longer I’ll be able to drink my first coffee of the day outside.

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