Grasmere Gingerbread and Pretty Things

It’s been a strange week here. My husband having worked from home for the last three months is suddenly having to go into his place of work on a daily basis and I find myself in quite an anxious state as a result. As a household we have been doing everything in our power to shield two of our grown up kids which means we’ve been getting literally everything we have needed, delivered to the house for three months and have barely left the confines of our house and tiny back yard. I hadn’t anticipated the level of anxiety there would be as things begin their new normal but thankfully there have been some positive side affects. The ‘back to work’ mindset seems to have rubbed off on myself and there being one less person in the house during the day to make tea and sandwiches for, means I have a little more head space to actually focus on my work. Not that I have to make tea and sandwiches for anyone, I just like to make sure everyone is looked after. Yesterday I woke up with the intention of creating one draft listing on Etsy. I had told myself, baby steps and if I drafted one listing a day for the next few weeks I would have enough to cut the ribbon and declare the shop open in a couple of weeks time. However, once I got going I found I was quite focused so I carried on photographing and listing and voila, shop open! Anyone reading this who knows why I’ve had to start over with my online identity and a new Etsy shop will understand what I mean when I say a weight has lifted and that I am experiencing a sense of freedom.

On Sunday I made gingerbread. I’ve become rather fond of this River Cottage version of Grasmere gingerbread. It’s recipes like this that remind me why my signature look is a huge floppy pinafore. I can easily gobble up a whole batch in a day! The recipe can be found in River Cottage Handbook No’8 or if you’re looking for it online it can be found here: I use medium oatmeal and fresh root ginger and have never tried it with fine oatmeal or chopped stem ginger so I would love to hear from anyone who has tried different combinations in the comments! I have substituted the lime for lemon before though which does work and if you find the tang of lime a little overpowering you could try it with lemon instead.

Over in the arty crafty corner, I’ve had a few Ebay pretties arrive this week. On wednesday this little bundle of hexies arrived. They caught my eye because of the interesting snippets printed on some of the papers, one thing being the date 1974 so they have been hanging around for some time either unfinished or leftover. They are bigger than my hexies and I need to decide if I should start another quilt and have two on the go at once or put them to one side for the future. Given that my current quilt is my first ever attempt at English Paper Piecing it’s probably wise to put them to one side for now., but I do love the worn out faded feel they have!

The other pretty was this lovely tray cloth which according to the seller was stitched in 1961. My guess is, it has never been used as it is in pristine condition so it’s likely been stitched and put straight into storage which is understandable because who wants to put all that work into something just to cover it with tea stains!

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet so it can join the others in my little collection for now until I am struck with inspiration. So that was my week. How was yours?