A daily Egg – Day 7 – Happy Easter!

I give you Egg number seven!

I’ve impressed myself here. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not good at seeing projects through to the end. Well I really enjoyed this one. A single egg was just the right sized daily project and I think the fact that each day produced a finished object helped me feel less overwhelmed by the over all task in hand. Maybe large projects are more approachable in bitesize pieces? I wonder if this is why I have taken to English Paper Piecing, in that I get a sense of achievement by creating the pieces themselves before they become part of something else. Certainly food for thought.

I moved the tree this morning to get a better picture. The light wasn’t great but I think you can see the overall effect better against the less busy background. I’m really pleased with how our little tree has worked out. It’s been a long time since we had an Easter tree and when I decided I would do one this year this is not how my vision started out. I was going to buy one of those ready made white twig trees until my eldest expressed her disgust and asked what had happened to her old mama, the one who used to recoil at the commercialisation of all the holidays. Mother, there are branches and trees all over the bloomin’ garden she said, when I was visiting a couple of weeks ago. She’d even found the perfect branch lying behind the shed that had come off our old Apple tree in the winds. I was sceptical until she showed me the branch and then I realised she was right. What the hell was I thinking? Buying a fake twig tree? Me? So here it is, our authentic twiggy tree.

That’s not all that had changed from my original vision. I had imagined a tree covered in little knitted chicks and some eggs made of felt by the kids and myself but it would have meant buying suitable yarn and felt, both of which I am out of. I’m never short of fabric though and the 16 and 19 year old aren’t the least bit interested in sewing felt eggs anymore so that’s why we ended up with fabric eggs! But I’m rather liking them and I think there may well be a fabric eggstravaganza next year! Maybe a bit of Liberty? I could even share the pattern here if I’ve built up my confidence enough. Would anyone be interested? Leave me message in the comments if you are!

I had hoped to have lots of Easter baking to share with you today but our oven broke down on Thursday and our new one isn’t getting delivered until Tuesday. You’ll have to make do with these biscuits that my youngest made just before it stopped working. There is some genius alternative use of cutter shapes there. A snowflake makes a perfect turtle and the rabbit converts to a cat with a bit of strategic icing! Not sure what either of those have to do with Easter but who am I to take away her artistic licence?

Happy Easter everyone!

Hope you’re having a lovely sunny day with as much chocolate as you need. My husband made the mistake of presenting me with my Easter egg on Friday so I think we all know why I can’t show you a photo of that today! Oops!

A daily egg – Day 4 – Thursday

May I present you with egg number four. I’m really loving the fabric combination I used for this one but just like the egg I made yesterday, it has turned out incredibly wonky on one side. I’m starting to think it might be because I’m being lazy and not pinning the pieces together.

These would look absolutely stunning made up in some Liberty, but I just can’t bring myself to use mine until I’ve mastered them! The fabrics I’m using are quite Liberty-esque though. I’m trying to use them up and this is proving to be a good stash busting project.

Apologies for the bare plaster. I still haven’t got round to painting it after our wood burning stove was put in a couple of years ago!

A daily egg – one fabric egg a day for seven days – day 1, 2 & 3

I so so wish I could knit well enough to make the Arne & Carlos eggs but my confidence lies in sewing, so I decided to have a go at some fabric eggs instead. I really wasn’t sure I could make anything worth hanging on our little Easter tree but I thought I’d have a go anyway.

Well that turned out better than eggspected! Right, one a day until Easter sunday it will be!

Day two. I used four different florals for the first egg but this time I decided to stick to two.

Day three. Ignore the fact that this one is wonky. I’m trying to! Actually if I’m honest, this one is a bit of a mess. There’s always one cracked egg in the box right?

The Easter tree! Actually it’s only a bit of branch that I found lying about in my daughter’s garden. Apple tree just in case anyone has a burning desire to know.

Hopefully it will look a bit more lively once I’ve added another four eggs. Watch this space.